What To Use When You Need To Grow Your Church Email List

Email is your most powerful tool for communicating with your church throughout the week. But how do you collect emails to grow your church email list? In today’s pro-tip, I’m showing you a free and easy tool to collect email addresses on your church website. Introducing Hello Bar To Grow Your Church Email List Hello […]

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the best way to plan your pastor blog titles

The Best Way To Plan The Perfect Pastor Blog Headline

You spent all day working on the perfect blog post. You publish and share it across all your channels. Then when you ask your congregation and check the analytics…you see that no one’s read your post. Well in today’s pro-tip, I’m going to show you the secret to creating amazing pastor blog headline so more […]

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Ten Must Have Productivity Tools For Creatives

If you’re like me, you’re always on the the look out for a tool or app that can make your day just that more productive.  Sometimes when you hit on the right one, life changes doesn’t it!  Ever had that happen?  You come across this app or a web service that once you make it […]

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