dave curlee pointing at screen with white text saying voice activated teleprompter on screen

Don’t Sound Like A Goober In Your Videos

If you’re doing any type of videos like announcements, talking heads, marketing, or promotions, you need a script. But it is difficult to memorize said script every week. So you need to have a way to read the script while you record. In today’s pro-tip, I’m showing you the best teleprompter software you can use […]

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Never Lose Your Physical Documents Again With This One Tool

You’ve got physical documents, receipts, and manuals that you need to keep track of. And if you’re like us, taking care of your administrative tasks is down on your list under getting your teeth cleaned. Then when you finally do get around to taking care of the task, you can’t find those stupid papers! In […]

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iTunes Updates: Seasons, Trailers and More

Apple recently rolled out some new podcasting tags to iTunes and iOS 11.   The new tags are designed with episodic content in mind.  Over the years, many podcasts have been created that are episodic in nature.  For years, podcasters have published in the Season / Episode format with the idea that users can better […]

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