5 Church Photography Tips You Haven’t Heard

When it comes to taking better photos in church, let’s think outside the box to make your job easier. In today’s show we’re sharing 5 church photography tips that we haven’t seen anywhere else to help you get better pictures in church.   In This Video 1:30 – Dave makes it all about him… 8:03 […]

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What photos should I have on my church website

Church Website Photos You Need To Attract More Guests

Church website photos will make or break your website. The wrong photos can create distrust, while great photos can get a potential visitor planning their visit before they even realize it. In today’s episode, we’re sharing 5 church website photo rules for your church website.   Show Notes Pretty photos may look nice on your church […]

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How To Find Royalty Free Photographs For Your Church

Copyright.  Yeah.  That wonderfully secure, pesky little symbol and assumption that both protects us and is the bain of our creative existence.  Copyright.  It’s a love/hate relationship. As church creatives, we have no interest in selling the stuff we’re making do we?  No, not really, not unless we’re helping the pastor with his book or […]

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