Your Church Website Sucks, Burn It To The Ground

Get the game plan on how to convince your pastor that your church website sucks, and why you need to destroy it… PLUS we’ll also uncover the dirty word you need to STOP saying in your church (and probably the reason your church website sucks)… In This Video 2:01 – How to enter to win […]

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Stop Talking Like This In Your Church Communications

The way you use words matter. And if you use the wrong language to try to win people over, you wind up looking like a cult. In this video, find out the 5 words and phrases that drive people away from your church, as well as the best church event form to streamline your requests. […]

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justin nava looking up in surprise with small font saying small church and large font saying big impact

small church; BIG IMPACT | The Justin Nava Show

Is there such thing as a church that’s too small to live stream? Can you make an impact with a small following? PLUS, I’m going to uncover a secret about your church website that might be turning away visitors… In This Video: 0:00 – Introduction and what the Justin Nava show is all about 2:37 […]

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