What is Church Training Academy

Church Training Academy is a website and community for small and medium-sized churches where we learn how to use, master and exploit media and technology to change people’s lives.

Hi!  I’m Dave Curlee and I created Church Training Academy to help you leverage the wonderful world of digital media so you can maximise your ministry.  I understand that all these new technologies and social media sites can be overwhelming, so I’m here to help.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that a lot has changed over the last few years.  The internet is everywhere.  Everywhere we look, someone is ‘heads down’ on their phone.  Think about how many of your church members are using the Bible on their phone, instead of a physical book. Things are changing.

Churches big and small, all over the world are using digital media inside and outside their walls. They’re using websites, phone apps, video, podcasting, live streaming, ebooks, visual elements in worship and teaching.  Things are changing and it’s only getting better.

Preaching-From-Blcony-With-Camera--1200_PixI understand, the spirit may be willing, but the flesh feels pretty weak.  You may be thinking:

  • We’re too small.
  • It’s too expensive
  • We don’t have enough staff
  • No one knows how to do it.

I understand it can all be a bit overwhelming.  I’m working through these same things with my church.  But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  I’ve got your back!

Church Training Academy is here to help you navigate this digital world.  We’re here to help you master these digital tools and fulfil the Great Commission.  You’re going to learn how to:

  • Launch or improve your church’s website
  • Turn your sermon and bible study recordings into podcasts
  • Create compelling videos
  • Create a brand for your church
  • Maximise social media
  • Podcast and live stream your services
  • Create beautiful church graphics and promotional materials
  • And a lot more!

To get you started, I’d like to give you a free guide,  Live Streaming for Churches – The Easy Way.  I’ve been asked over and over “How can we stream our services and make them look good?”  I think you’re going to be surprised just how easy it can be to get started – and it’s not expensive!  This FREE guide will help!



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