2019 Christmas Planning Essentials

Christmas season is fast approaching, have you started your Christmas planning yet?

In today’s show, we’re discussing how to stage your christmas planning process so you can have successful, UN-stressful Christmas events.


In This Video: Christmas Planning Essentials

  • 0:57: Catch up with Dave & Justin…
  • 2:16: Justin’s experiments with Tik Tok…
  • 13:53: Christmas preparations in October…WHY???
  • 19:18: The danger of waiting till Thanksgiving to plan for Christmas…
  • 21:41: Christmas planning stage 1 (Due by end of October)…
  • 28:25: Stage 2 (Due by end of November)…
  • 41:30: Stage 3 (Start by December 1)
  • 53:06: Will you ask your pastor how you can help with Christmas preparations?


Important Links & Shoutouts

Key Takeaway

Christmas seems so far away but in reality it’s right around the corner.

Starting your Christmas prep now gives you plenty of runway to plan for events, environments, media, and support the vision of what Christmas should be in your city.

Whether you’re on staff or “just” a volunteer, ask your pastor how you can help them plan for Christmas.

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