Let’s Audit Your Church Live Streaming Setup

WWDD…What would Dave do…with my church live streaming setup?

Today we’re answering that question by giving live stream audits to YOUR submitted live streams.



In This Video

  • 4:36 – Revive Church
  • 10:32 – Evangel Dartmouth
  • 16:24 – Beth Ariel LA
  • 20:16 – Grand Lake United Methodist Church
  • 23:05 – Church At The Bridge
  • 28:34 – Fountain Springs Church
  • 34:09 – How to get your own live stream audit on demand…


Important Links & Shoutouts

Live Streaming For Churches The Easy Way

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Key Takeaway

Even though you may be the only person in your ministry…you’re still not alone.

There are hundreds/thousands of people on the same path as you in their own church.

And Church Training Academy strives to bring you all together.

When you’re ready to double-down on improving your stream and ministry, CTA Insiders is here for you.

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