How To Design The Best Easter Landing Page (With Template)

Most Americans are searching for churches around Easter than any other time. Which means your church website will see more traffic…and an Easter landing page will present your church in the best way possbile.

In this episode, you’ll see how to create an Easter landing page for your potential guests, the sections that go into it, and we’ve even got a done-for-you template to get you started faster.

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download easter landing page template

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is basically a dedicated page that serves one purpose. That one purpose can take many forms:

  • Sign up for an event
  • Download a book
  • Buy something

Making a church landing page follows a different formula that general church website best practices. While you’re normally designing a church website, ministry pages may have 4 or 5 calls to action. But a landing page only has one call to action.

Also, a landing page does not include a navigation menu at the top. This is to prevent distractions. Remember, a landing page serves one purpose. So eliminating the navigation keeps people focused on that purpose.

As you start your Easter service preparation, you need to start preparing your website for Easter. And this includes a dedicated landing page for your Easter service or events.

You can build a landing page on most church website platforms. You can get a landing page plug-in like OptimizePress, use a dedicated landing page software like Landingi, or use what’s built into your website platforms like Squarespace Cover Pages or Duda Landing Pages.

So what does a great Easter landing page look like?

Let’s get to it.


The First Step When Designing An Easter Landing Page

The first step with any communication effort is to decide who your church’s target audience is. Then use that “ideal audience” as the base for how you’ll communicate. You should do this when designing a church website anyway, and your Easter landing page is no different.

If you know you’re offering family events on Easter, then the content of your landing page should speak to parents. If your church intentionally outreaches to millennials, then the landing page should speak to that generation.

When you focus in on who you’re equipped to serve, your Easter Sunday (or any event) will be that much more successful.


The 7 Elements Of Designing An Easter Landing Page

Keep It Simple

As you notice in our Easter landing page, there is no fancy design, loud typography, or complicated interface. It’s clean, it’s scannable, and it’s easy-to-follow.

Making a church website on your own can take months. But a landing page shouldn’t take that long to go live. It should take some time to plan, but building it shouldn’t be a huge endeavor.

Use our mock-up as your main starting point for your Easter landing page, or build your own with similar sections. But keep it simple.

Your web visitors will thank you.

Video Speaks Louder

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, guess what? There are 24 images in a second of video…so if you really want to capture attention and compel your traffic to make your church their Easter decision, use video on your landing page.

Don’t try to be cute. Don’t do a skit. Just get the Pastor in front of the camera and record an invite from the heart. Don’t let production value be an excuse to skip this. Be intentional and be excellent, but don’t let the excuse of not having a $10,000 rig stop you.

Use A Call To Action

Don’t just “hope” that people will plan to visit your church for Easter. Encourage them to make a commitment. Call them to action.

Choose one goal and make it very obvious. In our mockup, you can see that the goal is to get people to RSVP. This helps the church plan for high attendance and make sure they have that many more chairs set up and gifts ready.

As a bonus, when people RSVP to your event, you capture their email address. This allows you to nurture and prepare them for Sunday morning. Email them every weekend to share your church’s values, your ministry successes, testimonials, and ways to plug in.

If you do choose to include a secondary call-to-action, don’t let set it on equal grounds with the primary one. It’s really an alternative choice. In our mock-up, you’ll notice a secondary call to action of “get directions.” This is not ideal since we cannot collect their email, but it is an action that allows people to plan their visit (and might be more useful as the day approaches).

Include your call to action throughout your Easter landing page. At a minimum, it should be at the top and at the bottom of the page. You can also pepper Call to Action buttons throughout the page, and just use a pop-up form for the entry.

Introduce Your Church

show off your church culture on your easter landing page like this woman holding an iced coffee in the sanctuary

Don’t go into the dirty details, but talk about your church. Tell people what kind of atmosphere and culture to expect. Answer these questions:

  • What kind of people go to this church?
  • How long is service?
  • Is there coffee and donuts?
  • How many people will be there?
  • What’s important to the church?

Your Easter audience is probably not going to be super concerned with your mission and vision. They just want to know if they’ll fit in and be comfortable. So put their anxiety at ease with this section of your Easter landing page.

Highlight The Day’s Events

Don’t get too much into the details. Just “highlight” the main points. If you’re having multiple services, egg hunt, cookout, breakfast, etc…include the agenda for the day.

Even if you do have requirements for your church like volunteer duties, keep that information somewhere else. Remember your Easter landing page is primarily targeted to guests. They don’t need to know what Sunday School class is providing which item at the cookout. Just let them know that you’re having one and what to expect.

As you’re describing the events of the day, use real pictures of your church. Even if you don’t have something like an Easter egg hunt picture, just show a picture of the children in church.

Use Social Proof


easter landing page social proof meet some of our family church testimonials

People will trust what someone else says about a brand more than they trust what the brand says about themselves. So include social proof on your Easter landing page. This can look like:

  • Testimonial statements
  • Testimony videos
  • Writing out a story of how a member came or was impacted by your church

People will remember stories over details. Your web visitor may not remember all the day’s events or even the time of your Easter, but they’ll remember the story of your church and it’s members. Which will then keep you on their minds, and when they make that decision, they’ll choose you.

Link To Your Main Church Website At The Bottom

This is really for the established Christians who are traveling and looking for a church. I would want to know more about a church before I visited, even if their Easter plans looked fantastic. So even though you have no navigation on the site, you can include your link at the bottom of the Easter landing page for the people that are searching for more.



Designing an Easter landing page for your church website doesn’t have to be hard. And when you follow our guidelines laid out for you, you’ll have one done in a matter of a couple of hours.

download easter landing page template

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