The Ultimate Church Live Stream Audit

You’ve got a church live stream running, but how do you check yourself to make sure it’s hitting all the right notes? In today’s episode, we’re giving you 7 checks to run your own church live stream audit.


In This Video, The Ultimate Church Live Stream Audit:

  • 1:42 – What is a live stream audit?
  • 2:54 – The MOST important thing to check (because the Gospel comes from hearing)…
  • 9:12 – Does your viewer have to do this when they watch your live stream?
  • 15:45 – Are you using multiple cameras? Double check this…
  • 23:13 – Don’t do this when you play videos or lyrics in service…
  • 28:01 – How to become more courageous in your media ministry…
  • 34:29 – What you need to DO more of to improve your live stream ministry…
  • 40:26 – Developing good habits to continually improve your live stream…
  • 44:50 – BONUS: Do you have any security concerns with showing the crowd?


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Key Takeaway

It’s great to start a live stream for your church…but it’s better to give yourself a church live stream audit every few months.

If you haven’t re-evaluated your live stream since setting it up, NOW is the time to do so.

Take these tips and start auditing your own church live stream for what you can easily improve by this week.

What did you find missing or erroneous with your live stream setup? Let us know in the comments below! 


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