How To Overcome Blind Spots In Your Church Live Stream

Are you fully aware of all the issues in your church live stream?

In today’s pro-tip, Justin’s sharing how you can catch your own blind spots and find out what’s wrong with your church live stream.


Can’t Watch? Read Below

I don’t tune into the Food Network often, but when I do, I enjoy watching the pros cook. The amateur competitions can be fun, but I watch cooking shows to learn, so I want to learn from the best. And there’s one thing that all the pros have in common…they taste their own food before they serve it.

Seriously, if you want Gordon Ramsay to yell at you and call you a cotton-headed ninny muggins, don’t taste your food before serving it.

check your church live stream like tasting your food

This weekend I traveled a total of 907 miles and spent a total of 15 hours in the car. While on the road, I got to “taste my own meals.”

On my way to see family, I watched the Church Media Guys Live Show. And on my way home, I watched my church live stream.

I learned a few things by watching my own streams…


Church Media Guys Live Show is a lot of fun.

church media guys live stream

I’m gonna be real with you, there’s a lot I’m not happy with the live show. There’s a lot I want to improve, and some days I wonder why we even do it. But when I sat on the other side of the stream and watched the live show, I had a lot of fun!

It was great to watch Dave and our guest co-host Neal Fischer record the show and see the audience participate in the chat and even guide the conversation. And watching the behind-the-scenes setup and goofs was a learning experience even watching as a fly-on-the-wall.

While it is important to stay hungry and always seek to improve, the Church Media Guys live show was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was…


My Church Live Stream Needs A Lot Of Love

first baptist edinburg church live stream

Our live stream is not perfect, but we get it done. But when I was on the road and trying to still participate in worship behind the wheel…it was tough. While I was driving, I was relying on the audio of the stream rather than the video. And it. Was. Tough.

The music was too loud, the speaking was too soft. You couldn’t hear the room so the jokes, while funny, just didn’t have the same punch. We know that the video is a weakness, but trying to listen to it out of town opened up a whole new area that we need to improve on.

I wouldn’t have known all this if I hadn’t actually tried to consume my own media as an audience member.



When was the last time you consumed your own church live stream? And not just checked it while you’re at church…I mean actually stay home and consume it like your audience?

If your answer is “I don’t know” or more than 3 months…it’s time to check in.

Watch your church live stream as your own audience. Watch on your phone at home, in the car through the stereo, or out on a run with headphones.

When you consume your content like your audience, you’ll see exactly what you need to improve on next.

Have you tried this yourself? What did you discover about your own stream? Let us know in the comments below!

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