Church Media Trends with AJaytheCEO


Dave’s out today but you can’t have the Church Media Guys with only one guy talking about the latest church media trends…

So today we’re talking with AJaytheCEO on church media trends and happenings going into 2020.

About Our Guest: AJ Holmes


AJ’s mission here is to help any size church take advantage of technology to reach beyond their four walls. He focuses on technology reviews, tips, and tricks to improve your church’s digital footprint so that when anyone in the world sees your content they are impressed, inspired and want to know more about you and your ministry. Learn more at

In This Video

  • 1:00 – Welcome today’s honorary Church Media Guy, AJ Holmes!
  • 7:08 – What we’re most excited about coming at the end of 2019… (we’re excited for this low cost multi camera control…)
  • 11:30 – What’s the deal with the security cameras like the Mevo?
  • 15:40 – Portrait or landscape for mobile video?
  • 23:04 – Apple or Android?
  • 27:28 – Has Apple tanked since Tim Cook took over?
  • 30:57 – Should a church go down the PC or Mac route?
  • 36:40 – Live streaming platforms we like and use…
  • 38:44 – What’s working well for churches online going into Christmas?
  • 44:04 – Recorded video for social media or live stream?


Important Links & Shoutouts

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