2019 Church Photography Team Report (What You Need to Know) with Rob Laughter

Building a church photography team can seem like a daunting task…but did you know you’re not alone?

Today we’re breaking down The State of Church Photography 2019 with Rob Laughter to get actionable insights to grow your church photography team…

Download The 2019 State of Church Photography

About Our Guest: Rob Laughter

Rob Laughter is the Director of Digital at The Summit Church. In addition to being an avid photographer with 15 years of photojournalism and event photography experience, he leads a team of 40 volunteer photographers. 

Rob founded the Church Photographers community to help share his experience with photographers and team leaders at other churches.


In This Video

  • 0:00: The importance of showcasing your church life with photography
  • 1:50: Who is Rob Laughter?
  • 5:45: What equipment does Rob like to shoot with?
  • 9:15: How was The State Of Church Photography Report created?
  • 13:39: The biggest challenge facing your church photography team…
  • 19:55: What’s coming to church photography in 2020?
  • 22:46: Should you put more responsibility on the shoulders of your volunteers?
  • 28:36: What should your next steps be after reading the report?
  • 33:33: Our biggest takeaways from the report…
  • 38:05: What we like to use to collaborate with our photography teams…
  • 40:46: Where to get personalized coaching to take your maximize your ministry…


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Key Takeaway

If you’re looking to build a church photography team and don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.

But with 2020 on the horizon, getting started investing in your church photographers is key to finding success in highlighting your church’s story.

Download the guide and explore what you can learn for your own team.

Have you started building your church photography team? What’s holding you back? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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