Get Hyped For 2019!

CTA is entering its second full year, and we’ve got even more coming to you in 2019!

New shows, new courses, new promises…will you join us?


In This Video:

  • 0:00 – Hiatus catch up, what’s been happening over Christmas break?
  • 9:16 – We’re introducing TWO NEW SHOWS for you this year! Here’s what’s in store…
  • 23:07 – New courses??? WHAT???
  • 27:06 – CTA Insiders price is going up on February 1st. Join before then to keep it at a low price for yourself…


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Dave:                        Hey guys, welcome to another exciting episode of the Church Media Guys show. This is the first one for 2019. My name is Dave and if we haven’t met, I’m the founder of which is a place where you and I and other folks that like ministry and stuff all come together to learn how to use and exploit media and technology and all the wonders of the Internet so that we can take the gospel to the world. With me, as always is my intrepid host, cohost, co partner, partner in crime, Justin Nava.

Justin:                     What’s going on Dave and what’s going on everyone watching live and watching the after show. Thank you so much for joining with us. We took a little bit of a hiatus. We are going to talk about that in a minute, but I am glad to be back.

Justin:                     I am ready. I am psyched. I am hyped for 2019 and if you’re watching the video, no, I have a little a stall or stole. I don’t know what to call this thing on. No, I have not become a cardinal. I have not become a bishop.

Dave:                        I was waiting for the smoke or something

Justin:                     We will get to that in a minute. But I am excited and I just had to wear this for a certain reason to brag on someone. And uh, hopefully that bragging will be extra clear because as you can see also if you’re watching the video, I have a new mic. I have new lights, I have a new soundboard. Uh, I’m very excited. We’re going to talk about that a little bit later. But Dave, yes, I think everyone wants to know where have we been? We have been, uh, offline…not offline cause we’ve been in our facebook group. You mentioned daily, but we have not published just show since December. We did our predictions show. What’s been up in your own words?

Dave:                        Uh, basically we’re like fixing things and making new things and we’ve been working on direction and stuff like that. We, we took 2019 to, um, I, I guess what, where are we calling it? It was kind of the gear where we were letting everybody know who we were and what we were doing and that we’re here I guess, you know, building our audience and getting to know people and doing all that sort of stuff. And this is the year that we are really focusing on, um, making a ton of content for you guys. Whether it’s courses that we are putting together, just one off courses. So you know, you don’t even have to be like a member of Church Training Academy. You just buy a course cause you need to know how to do this or um, you know, making tutorials and more free content just like this show, things like that. So we’ve been, we’ve been kind of strategizing and coming up with the ideas and the direction that we want to go. And, um, I have just been resting a little bit. I don’t know if you guys know it. I know Justin knows it. Um, I am like in a constant state of production because I do a daily TV show, uh, for a cable network. Um, I do a, uh, do this stuff. Um, I do client work, I do all sorts stuff like that. So I am not kidding when I say I do at least at least a couple of videos a day. Uh, I do stuff for our church and do this. So I’m in a constant state of production. So I’ll tell you, it’s been nice to kind of just step back for the last month and, um, and not have to, not, not, not have to do as much, but during that time have actually taken on a lot more. And I’ve actually been doing a lot more. So even though I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus here with Church Training Academy with, with doing this show in particular. Um, I still, I still feel like I’m, I’ve not stopped doing anything, so I’m glad to be back and glad to be back into the swing of what we’re doing here. Uh, and Justin and I got some cool stuff we want to share with you.

Justin:                     Yes. But first I want to, I want to ask you, Dave, how was your Christmas and new years? It wasn’t, everyone wants to know.

Dave:                        Okay. Um, it was good. Um, Christmas was awesome. We hung out with my folks and with my grandmother who’s 98 this year and just turned 98 at the beginning of December, we’ve been hanging out, um, just spending time together. You know, she’s, she’s homebound. We got somebody who’s, uh, we, we’ve got like visiting angels, that kind of a thing. So we’ve, we’ve got round the round the clock care for her, but, uh, one of our insiders, my aunt Dawn, Dawn Curlee Carlson, um, she was down there for a couple of weeks. And so we were able to use that time. Uh, we kind of time our trips where were Kat and the girls and I go down there to hang out with the family and she and her husband and her son come down and hang out with the family and stuff. So when we do, we usually go for a week, 10 days, uh, so that we can just enjoy that concentrated time. And that was, that was the bulk of the, of the, the holiday time for us was just being together. Um, you know, if, if, if you’re like a lot of families, uh, we also had to deal with a little bit of a stomach bug that flew around. So that was fun. Uh, thankfully at alluded me and my little family, uh, we’re praising God heavily for that. Um, but basically, uh, it was just a lot of great time hanging out. Uh, my sister is pregnant and we just found out that she’s actually having a little boy, this will be her third child. And so I get to be an uncle again, which is awesome. So that was, that was kind of the, uh, just the, the holidays in a nutshell for us. What about you guys?

Justin:                     So our holiday was busy. It was packed. It was jam packed. Um, first off to celebrate the end of 2018, my wife graduated with a masters of something, something physician assistant. So she is now a master. Her name is master Bridgette, and she now is more college educated than I am, but that is fine. And that is why I am wearing this. This is her graduation stole, I think it’s called a stole, someone correct me if I’m wrong. Uh, but uh, she graduated and part of the graduation ceremony is, they, they tell them, you know, you’re graduates, but this wasn’t a journey alone. Your parents helped you, your spouses have helped you, your kids, helped you, uh, give your stole to someone who helped you the most, who you couldn’t have gotten through this without. And after the ceremony, my wife of course gave it to me. I say, of course, I thought she should have given it to my dad because he helped us a lot too. Uh, but for doing all the chores and letting her be studying, while I take care of a raging monster named Jillian and keeping her alive at minimum and healthy, uh, you know, for all that work, she gave me this stole, so I wear it as a badge, a badge of honor. And Tommy, he says, congratulations. Thank you so much. Um, yeah. And Chris says it’s good to see us here. So after, after we, uh, after she graduated she went to go see family. I had to stay and work a little bit. We met for Christmas in Houston at which time we told my daughter onChristmas morning, she’s going to Disney World. That was a lot of fun. We had been planning it for months, but of course she didn’t know because if she knew every day, when are we going to go to Disney World? again and again, My name’s Jillian…see what I’m saying. But anyways, uh, so we went to Disney world and we told her we’re going to go tomorrow.

Justin:                     And of course the first question out of her mind was, why didn’t we go today? You know, so that’s why we didn’t tell her until the day before we left. So we went to disneyworld and while Dave was around here getting clients and publishing works and doing all this stuff, I was totally out of the loop for five days. I didn’t like being out of the loop, but it was very, uh, I wouldn’t say relaxing, but it was nice to get out of the way. Yeah. That was our first time taking our daughter and we were, we’re big Disney fans. We’ve both been several times in our lifetime. And in our marriage. Uh, but this was the first time going for someone else. And let me tell you, it’s a different experience when you can’t just go wait in line for 40 minutes to ride a ride you want.

Justin:                     Now you have to do the short lines, you have to do the shows and you have to meet the princesses and you have to deal with a tired, screaming baby. But it’s all worth it because she got a ton of autographs, a ton of pictures. And if you follow me personally on facebook, you’ll see those pictures and I’m posting some more soon. So…it was, it’s been a crazy year. And as soon as I got back, I had to square away a couple of things with my own personal business and, uh, you know, get things started there.

Justin:                     So we’re back. We’re here. Me and Dave are working every day and, uh, we’ve got a couple of announcements for you. So that’s where we’ve been and that’s, that’s why I’m wearing this, this little thing here. No, I’m not a cardinal, uh, Dave announcement number one. I’m gonna let you kick it off.

Dave:                        Oh, okay. Hang on, let me go to my, my paperwork over here. Let’s see. Announcement number one, new shows that one. Is that what happened? I’m supposed to say?

Justin:                     What, what news shows. Dave, what are you talking about? We already do a show every week. What are you talking about? New shows.

Dave:                        Uh, we were doing some new shows. All right, thanks guys. Next

Justin:                     As climactic as ever, if you liked this video, please subscribe. Hit smash that like button.

Dave:                        Oh yeah. Hey, by the way, let’s, let’s do, uh, just a, just a hint of that house cleaning real quick. Um, guys, we are doing new shows. Okay. Um, Justin and I, if you guys know, I’ve been following us for any amount of time, you know, that basically the, the routine that we have tried to maintain has been to do our live show on Fridays and then release, um, the podcast / live show, the edited version, a, the audio and video version. Both as a podcast and as a youtube show on Tuesdays. And then on Wednesdays we would do our, um, our pro tip. And then on Thursday we would, you know, do other things. And then on Friday we would do another live show. So we were talking and, um, the, the way, the way Justin and I came together is, uh, a mutual friend of ours, Kenny Jang said, uh, you guys need to work together.

Dave:                        And so he put us in contact and we started talking and we realized that we were, um, we’re basically walking down the same road. He’s on one side of the street and I’m on the other side. So, I mean, you know, we, we kind of looked at each other from our respective sides of the street and said, um, why don’t we walk together? And so, you know, we kind of came together linked arms and said, you have these strengths and I have these strengths and, and let’s, let’s go down this path together and conquer new worlds together. And that’s, that’s in a nutshell, that was the conversation that we had over the course of a weekend. And um, Justin strengths are in marketing, in communications in um, I mean if you guys don’t know website design building, um, how to properly use your website, things like that.

Dave:                        He is, um, that that is what God has gifted him. Now he also has, um, I would say a layer of strengths just underneath that which are media related. Okay. He can play pretty much any instrument. If you give him an instrument and show him where Middle C or whatever it is on there, he can work around it. You could give him a piano and he can start banging stuff out. You can give him a guitar, he can bang stuff out. Give him drums, give him a base. He could be your church worship team. Okay. You know, one man band kind of thing, maybe a Kazoo. Um, he can do that sort of stuff. He’s, he’s phenomenal with that. Um, he can also mix, so you can put them at a soundboard and he can make the, the service sound good. He can obviously record it and podcasts and do things like that.

Dave:                        Um, he’s also good with a camera. He’s not anywhere near where I am, but I can hand him a camera and say, go shoot and he’s going to shoot and we’ll have stuff. Okay. So where his strengths are in the communication and the design and the website and marketing and all that sort of stuff. Um, and, and that encompasses everything from email to instagram to facebook and facebook ad campaigns and all that kind of stuff. Right. Where those are his strengths. My strengths are in the media side. So I’ve been doing videography and photography and live production and all that sort of stuff for 25 years. Um, don’t do the math. But since college, um, I, um, I, I’ve, I’ve built my life around that except for the stents that I have been working at Microsoft and I worked at Dell. Um, my profession has revolved around this space as well as marketing.

Dave:                        Um, so I am, I am great at all of the technical stuff and all the creative with video production and audio production and all that stuff in after effects and photography and compositing. And I just been a little about all that, all those nice little catch words and stuff. Um, I’ve done thousands, literally thousands of web shows. So where, where those strengths are, that is the stuff that I teach on. That’s the stuff that I speak to. And that’s why about half of y’all have come to this show, have come to the church media hacks group have been following me online for however many years it is. But my, the, the level underneath my b game I guess, um, is all in the marketing and it’s in the, uh, the content creation and the ad campaigns and all that sort of stuff. So Justin and I are basically like a couple of fractions here, you know, where you know the inverse, you know, remember that we were supposed to like add fractions or something.

Dave:                        You’re supposed to like flip them over and multiply and do the cross thing and all that math garbage and stuff. Well that’s us. Okay. So we’re creating a couple of new shows. We decided let’s do our church media guy show, which is the show that we’re doing right this second. You guys are, are the live audience, the studio audience for us as we’re recording this thing live. And then we’ll take it and we’ll edit it down and we’re going to publish that. Okay. So that’s where we’re going to come together and we’re going to do, do interviews with some of our friends and people that are moving in. And it’s going to, if you watched over the year, you’ve seen us talk to people and all these different fields, different people that are in the church communications field. Um, so we’re going to talk to those people.

Dave:                        But another thing we’re going to do is we’re going to talk to you. We’re going to, um, as we identify people or as, as, as we see people that have, have accomplished, uh, in the spheres that, that, that he and I teach and train on as we see examples of it working from regular folk, quote unquote. Okay. Like for example, uh, Ryan who’s one of our, um, one of our members, um, he did some really cool stuff. So we did an interview with him and we’re going to show that we’re going to, we’re going to show how he took some of the stuff that he’s learned from us and that he’s learned from other things and how he’s applied it and the success that they’ve had with their church. We’re going to be doing all that kind of stuff here in the church media guys show.

Dave:                        Okay. We’re also gonna be giving you tips and tricks and things like that. Then he and I are each going to do our own show and our own show can be, for me, it, it’s going to be a lot of tips, uh, things to think about. Our pro tips, the things that we talk about in here. If I bring a pro tip to the show and it has to do with this great little piece of software that’s going to help you, um, you know, do your audio transcoding or your video transcoding or something like that. Something that you can batch process, I don’t know, whatever, something like that. And we talk about it on the show and I say, hey look, this is free. Go get it. It’s wonderful. It’s great. It’s a tool that I use all the time. Well then my video that week may be a walkthrough about how to use that, how I use it, how it’s a part of my workflow so that you can see it in action and see how you can apply it to what you guys are doing.

Dave:                        And same thing for Justin. So Justin, now he’s going to do, a show that week as well. It may be directly related to the pro tip that he brought to the show or it could be something totally different. It could be something that, um, that he could, he could basically do a glorified vlog. Okay. Where he’s just talking about a certain subject that has been on his heart that he wants to share and go and go deep into. It could be how to set up an ad campaign. I mean from one extreme to the other. The things that that are our core we want to give to you guys. Um, as just because we love y’all. We want to bring value to you guys, right? So we have our members who are, are paying for the content that we’re creating, our courses stuff. We’ll talk about that in a few minutes, but for those of you who either haven’t joined CTA yet, uh, but need to learn and you know whether your budget can, can handle a very affordable subscription to Church Training Academy or not, we still want to make sure that we’re delivering value to you guys that were teaching you guys and stuff.

Dave:                        And so that’s what are additional shows are. So Justin, give him a little bit of background about what, uh, what you’re wanting to do with your show.

Justin:                     So the Nava Show title pending. I’m kind of thinking about Java with Nava cause I do want it to be a morning show eventually. You know, coming to work, the first thing you do is you, you get some encouragement and some help from me. Uh, but this is going to be a live show, uh, and it’s going to be live is what you get. So the podcast version will still be basically what was taught with live, no extra mixing. I want it to be a very raw recorded show. Uh, okay. I just had a title idea but I’m not going to say it, just in my head. Uh, so my show is going to focus on the marketing, a little bit of the leadership, a little bit of the church relationship building, being in staff or with the church for 10 years, all the way from an intern all the way up to the director of media and it, um, so I, I’ve been given some, some insight in that.

Justin:                     So a little bit of marketing, little bit of communications, social media, websites, advertising, getting your word out there, but staying on mission. Uh, because if you listen to other podcasts out there, they teach you a lot of tech. They teach you a lot of tips. Uh, but with all those tactics and no principal to guide you, you get a little bit lost and then you think things don’t work. Um, you know, I have, I have potential clients, future clients, past clients telling me I don’t want a website cause it’s too much work. I did this and it doesn’t work. And I say, well, because you didn’t have the principle behind it. So I’m going to give you the principles, I’m going to do audits. We’re going to talk about, uh, what’s going on in the news, what do you need to be focused on?

Justin:                     You know, we kinda touched on IG TV when it launched and we said, eh, see how it’s going, you know we’ll review that on my show and will also point you to other resources that I find helpful. So it’s not just going to be what Justin Nava thinks. I’m also going to tell you what, you know, if Sunday U puts out a great piece of content, like when they put out, uh, last week with Dave Adamson about how he 300% his instagram followers. Uh, and uh, you know, that’s a great article and we shared that in our group, but it needs to be commented on and talked about it a little bit more to make sure that you have the principle behind the tactic that he has. So lots of guidance here. I want to make sure that, you know, on the Justin Nava show or whatever we call it, it goes live next week.

Justin:                     It will be not all about me. It’s going to be about you. And I’m, I don’t want to be Luke Skywalker. You’re luke skywalker. I want to be your obi-wan. I want you to take the shot. I want you to fly the x-wing. I want you to swing the saber. I’m just going to be behind you, guiding you along the way and giving you the principles, uh, because you know, Obiwan didn’t really teach luke skywalker how to swing a light saber, but he did teach them the importance of using the force. And that’s what I want to do, uh, with the Justin Nava show.

Dave:                        That is awesome. Um, you, you brought up something you were talking about doing some live web audits and stuff. Um, that’s actually part of what I want to do as well, again, with my strengths, uh, in the, uh, and the video side.

Dave:                        So one of the things that, that Justin and I, we’re putting together the, uh, all the official wording and all that sort of stuff for it. But, um, when you joined Church Trainin Academy, you get, um, a web audit from Justin and you get a video audit for me. And that can be, um, you know, could be, uh, take a look at our announcement videos and, and tell me where we’re going wrong, you know, or it could be, hey, here’s our livestream. Where can we improve things like that. Right. So, um, as a member will allow, Justin, I will be able to do those and share those with you both in our own shows and share those with the world at large.

Dave:                        Um, regardless, they’re the, you know, the, the members get to see that, um, as well. Um, but we want to, to bring this kind of content to you guys, whether it’s his audits, my audits, um, his training, my training, things like that. We want to bring these things to you guys because we love y’all because God has called us to feed, um, the, the flock to feed, to feed the church, to feed Christendom, um, with the knowledge that we have. So that’s, that’s just part of it, part of our, part of our ministry. And you could say that’s kind of that maybe the ministry side of what we’re doing. You know, he and I, he and I don’t run a nonprofit or anything at Church Training Academy is something we’re designing, um, to, you know, be our company and, you know, provide for our families.

Dave:                        And doing things like that. Um, but because we work in the ministry, this is kind of the ministerial side where, you know, we give away what we can and um, you know, so we just want to bring that to you guys. So you guys were going to have links and stuff for you guys to be able to, um, to subscribe to all these things. But here’s the deal. Some things we’re doing they’re are going to be released, you know, on podcasts, right? Um, some things are going to be on youtube. Okay. So you guys really need to follow us on both places. So you need to go to a or go to and be sure that you get to our youtube channel. Okay. And hit the bell, subscribe to the channel, hit that you ring the bell as they say, as the kids are saying these days so that you can get notified when we go live or when you upload something new.

Dave:                        Um, also you need to subscribe to the podcast. You can get the audio, you can get the video. Um, as, as we’re releasing these other shows and stuff, there may be audio versions of them, there may be just video version stuff. Regardless, get us in both places. Subscribe both places. So you guys don’t miss anything. Okay. It’s very important that you do that. Um, and also be sure to, you know, get on our facebook page, Church Training Academy on facebook and stuff cause we’re releasing it, this stuff there. Uh, and then of course always talk to us in the, uh, in the church media hacks group. So what’s the next thing, dude?

Justin:                     So next is kind of together and I’m going to, I’m going to give kind of a next thing that we want to do is we want to make cta insiders even more valuable. And there’s a reason behind that. In 2018, the CTA insiders was mostly centered around masterminds, That’s group coaching. So twice a month we’d come together, all the CTA insiders, and we’d bring our projects, our obstacles, our struggles, anything that’s giving us issues. And we’d bring it to the group and we say, help me please. And the great thing that we discovered was me and dave or Dave and I,

Justin:                     we play a role in the insiders, but the insiders help each other so much more than me and Dave. And so where me and Dave would say, we think this would work and this is what we do, but this is what we would do. Another insider would say, I did that and it worked. But you gotta make sure you remember this. And me and Dave are like, oh, that’s right. We would have never thought about it, but it makes total sense. It’s a place where we can come together kind of like a small group.

Justin:                     I see a church small group as one leader facilitating the discussion, but everyone can pour into each other. Um, and so that’s kind of what the mastermind is and that’s what we focused on in 2018. 2019 we are continuing that. We are also one promising you guys one new course a month. Now the insiders get that regardless, right? They’ve always gotten every kind of training we’ve done. They’ve always gotten it regardless. But in 2019, we’re opening up the courses to the public for purchase. Okay. So, uh, next month we will have, or at the end of this month we’ve had a web design course in CTA insiders that is going to go to the public where you can purchase it by yourself. So if you cannot commit to a monthly, uh, payment, then you can buy the web design, the ultimate Church website formula course, and get your website set up without having to commit to that monthly cost without saying, I don’t like people, don’t put me in the group coaching.

Justin:                     You don’t have to do that. But, uh, that will be available for you to purchase. So we’re promising you that one new course a month starting with that ultimate church website formula course. So you can buy that right out. You have it forever, no membership required. It’s yours. You keep it forever. Um, I will preface it that it is more expensive than one month of insiders. So just be ready for that. It’s the cost of doing business right? And you want to keep it forever. You have it forever. You have to pay for that. Um, so that is number one. Number two is as we increase the value we’re putting into our insiders with twice monthly coaching, the not only the coaching replays get put up on the facebook group if you couldn’t make it, but we’re also building an archive of our past meetings that is searchable by keyword.

Justin:                     So you don’t have to go into CTA insiders and say, find me something about Google. Like how do I rank higher in Google? And, and we’re not going to give you an hour and a half recording where you have to find the place where I talk about Google. We’re actually going to cut that clip out. We’re going to give it to you in a package basically. So when you search ranking, Google, that video shows right up and it’s five minutes long and it’s the important five minutes that you need to know. And of course as an insider, you take that information, put it into practice, and then you can bring it to group coaching and say, I did this, is it working? And I can say, you did it now do this. You get that, you get that little bit more of a train going, you know? Chugga Chugga so yeah, Dave’s got it for you. On the screen you can see the kind of things that we’re talking about and we are adding more. Okay. Web Design, facebook ads, um, video production, podcasting, all these different things are there for you. So we want to add the value. But unfortunately,

Justin:                     I guess I wouldn’t say that because you got two weeks to make a decision, Dave. Uh, you’re going to tell us about, uh, we have to raise the price on this because we, to increase the value, we have to increase the investment. And so for that we, we have to, um, we have to raise our price cause $27 a month that it is right now is too cheap. We cannot do this for that price. So Dave’s going to talk about that. I have to hit the road. Thank you guys for watching. Adam, thanks for tuning in. And Tommy in, in the, uh, in the youtube chat said, oh no, the audit talking about the website audit, I will be doing website audits on my show, but if you want yours audited, you need to become a CTA Insider because that is your bonus. My show will just be random church websites that I find that I think I can give a critique to that will help you. Uh, but I will not be taking requests for the show because that is a bonus when you join Church Training Academy. So Dave, tell us how much time do we have to get it for this ridiculous, um, irresistible price and what is it going up to? If I wait too long. Okay.

Dave:                        So yes. Uh, so currently guys, you can get Church Training Academy for $27 a month that we’ve been doing that for the last year or so. Um, as we’ve been, like kind of putting things together and getting our direction and figuring things out and all that sort of stuff is basically being our soft launch. Okay. Um, so, uh, that’s going to be available to you guys throughout the end of January. Um,

Dave:                        if you have already become a CTA Inside or your prices and going to change, okay. So you’ll be, you know, unless you cancel your subscription and then come back later. If you came in at $27 a month, then you’ll be here for $27 a month or whatever it is, 200 and whatever it is a year or whatever the math is for that. Um, you guys, that get in on this pricing. it’ll be years until you quit. So, and we don’t want you to quit, so hang onto it. but from this point forward, starting in February, it’s going to be $37 a month. And so

Dave:                        if you want to save an extra 10 bucks, then you might as well go ahead and get in now and get started. like all the other insiders have… If you’re really excited about paying us an extra $10 a month, which we would love for you to, um, because like I said, we’re not, we’re not doing this just because we’re nice. We’re doing this for two reasons. Number One, God said, take everything that you’ve been doing professionally for the past 25 years and point it towards the church. And God also rewards those to make a good profit. And the scripture is rife with things like that. So wisdom dictates that he and I take care of our families and this is one of the ways that we’re taking care of our families with Church Training Academy is a business. So a $37 a month starting in February.

Dave:                        If you do not want to pay $37 a month, if you want to pay $27 a month, then do it now. Now, now, now go to that’s how you do it. Now. If you don’t want to pay anything for it, then that’s fine too. Uh, you guys are going to be getting the free content at we have been talking about here for the past 20 something minutes, however long it’s been. So that is that if you guys have any questions, please leave comments below. Let us know. Uh, we are really excited about the direction that we’re going with this. Um, if you guys have a question, anybody who’s in the chat or anything like that, uh, we’ve got insiders in there as well. Tommy’s an insider. Um, let’s see, Chris, both Chris and Chris Ochinsky and Christopher. are both insiders.

Dave:                        so is Jordan. we’ve got other insiders in there. So if you guys are, are wondering, you know what the mastermind is like, what the group coaching is like, um, you guys ask, they’ll tell you they’ve been a part of it. Uh, they’re regulars. They come in with, you know, I’m thinking about doing this, what do you guys think? And then, you know, we’ll sit there and help them refine that idea and then they’ll have a direction and then they’ll come back and say, hey, it worked. Or Hey, it worked even better than we thought. Or Hey, we were totally wrong on this. How do I fix it? You know, just ask them. They’ll tell you that I’m not kidding. That is, is, is worth the price of admission. If we never did anything else and we just did two group coaching masterminds a month, that’s worth the price.

Dave:                        And I say that, uh, because Justin, I know what we’re doing. We’ve been doing it for a long time. So being able to pay $27 a month and get four hours of time to ask us questions and stuff is definitely worth it because we charged like 150, $250 an hour respectively to do private consulting and stuff. So, um, that’s worth it. I’ve got a friend who has a mastermind that he does that he charges $500 a month, for people to join and to get group coaching and it’s a limited group. It’s only like 12 people in that group and stuff. Uh, so I’d say we’re pretty darn, uh, affordable, pretty darn affordable if we’re doing just this one. So if you want come join us.

Dave:                        Don’t you guys have free trial? A trial version? No, this is the free trial version. We don’t, we don’t give out free trial versions. if you want to join, join. Okay. Justin and I don’t like people who are just kind of toe tippers and stuff. Just commit. Join for a month. If you want to quit after the month, that’s fine. You can do that. If you don’t think we’re helping you, then that’s fine. The trial version is subscribing to us on Youtube and getting our podcast. Okay. Just take what we’re doing here. The stuff that we’re giving here and just amplify it. And from time to time when it comes to the mastermind, the group coaching and stuff, we’ll open that up to people in the church.

Dave:                        In the media hacks group. We did one, oh, let’s see. We did, was it in December? The was one of the ones, one of group, I’m trying to remember when it was one of our group coaching sessions. We did, I want to say it was at the beginning of December. Um, we did it and opened it up to the, to anybody. So it wasn’t just for insiders. So if you want to test drive, then you can wait until we offer that. Or You could just plunk down 27 bucks and become a CTA insider and just get in and start sharing your knowledge with us and let us share our knowledge with you. Alright, Tommy says he loves CTA. Tommy CTA loves you.

Dave:                        Okay. If you’ve enjoyed this video, if you enjoy the content that we’re putting out stuff, then be sure to click one of these other videos. Uh, we may be able to share some really cool stuff with yeah, and one of these, and we will see you guys in the next video. Be sure that you take the stuff that you’re learning here and use it to go change lives. All right.


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