What Is The Best Way To Convert Multiple Videos For Church At Once?

What if your Pastor walked up to you and asked you to grab their last 20 sermons and convert them over to audio? Or if the Children’s Pastor asked you to convert some old Bible study videos for church leadership training?

Most people would say, “Well, there goes my Tuesday!”

Well, not anymore Jack! Here’s a tool that will get your time back! Want to convert video for free? Get Adapter!

Download Adapter Here


Introducing Adapter for Mac & Windows

This is another tool I’ve been using for the last 10 years I’ve been editing videos for church. I don’t use it every week, but when I’m a damsel in distress I’m glad Adapter is there to save the day.

Adapter works for Mac & PC and will batch convert videos, show you real-time previews, and even quickly trim audio and video (perfect for making GIFs).

adapter demo of making gif videos for church


My Favorite Ways To Use Adapter Editing Videos For Church

  1. Batch convert videos and audio to other formats:

    1. Convert video AVI to MP4?  – No problem
    2. Convert an MPEG to AVI?  – No problem.
    3. Convert audio to mp3?  – Absolutely!
  2. Sometimes I know I have to meet a certain size limitation for storage. Adapter will accurately estimate the file size of your conversion
  3. Quickly trim video and audio for quick edits
  4. Drag and drop but with advanced controls when you need them
  5. And did I mention it’s free?



Basically, it lets you convert video formats installed on your computer to other video or audio formats – if your system can read it, Adapter should be able to convert it.

As much as we like to have everything under our control when you’re working with videos for church, you sometimes have to do time-consuming jobs for your leadership and congregation.

Tools like Adapter make your life easier when the time comes to batch convert files or do some quick edits.

Download Adapter and keep this one in your “quiver” for when the occasion arises.

Have you had to do batch conversions for your ministry? If so, how excited are you to have a tool like this now? Leave a comment below!

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