Easy Live Streaming | Gordon Daily, Founder of Boxcast

Churches around the world are starting to realize that live streaming can and should be an important part of their ministry.  

For many churches however, it may seem like a HUGE task to undertake.  There’s so many bits and pieces to consider. 

  • Which camera to buy?
  • Use our phones or even buy a camera?
  • How do we use multiple cameras? 
  • Where should we stream?
  • What software should we use?

Those are just a few that I hear on a regular basis.  Sometimes it seems easier to put it on the back burner and ‘worry about it some other time’ – but you shouldn’t! 

Live streaming doesn’t have to be hard.  Even with the modest set up, a church can add live streaming to it’s ministry and start widening their reach as well as provide a window for others to see what’s going on in that church. 

On this episode, I talk with Gordon Daily, the founder of Boxcast.  A company with the mission of delivering the most powerful yet elegantly simple live streaming solution to it’s customers.  This is also a company who started out with the idea to serve churches and ministries – something of a rare fine in a tech company. 



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