Facebook Groups for Churches and Facebook WATCH

Churches have had ‘small groups’ or ‘home groups’ for many years.  It’s a great way to bring the closeness and intimacy among members – especially in a large church.  Small groups are a great way to help ‘the church be the church’.  

Extend Home Groups with Private Facebook Groups!

Facebook groups…  heard of them right?  Probably in a few aren’t ya?  Ever thought about private groups….as an extension of your home groups?   

Private groups allow home groups to continue the conversation they started earlier in the week.  It’s also a great way to share prayer requests and praise updates.  You can even live stream and share photos and video only to that group.   Great for sharing the recording of your bible study.



Facebook has also launched their WATCH service.  

Youtube is kind of the ubiquitous place to store, publish and share your video content.  If you’re not publishing to YouTube currently, you REALLY need to.  It’s a fantastic, free service – and it’s a gigantic mission field. 

Facebook is taking their video offerings in that same direction.   Facebook Watch is rolling out for content publishers.  It’s focused on a small group right now as they get it all rolling and fleshed out, but expect it to become available for publishers across the board sooner rather than later.    This is huge for churches.  Especially if you are already streaming to Facebook live. 



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