The Four Modes of Live Streaming

Live streaming is a powerful tool.  Churches and ministries have a tremendous opportunity to use live streaming to not only broadcast their services LIVE, but also interact with and reach people on a regular basis. 


There are Four Modes of live streaming:

Selfie Mode Indie Mode Desktop Mode Broadcast Mode

Each mode has it’s own unique benefits.

Selfie Mode:

Perfect for catching life in the moment.  Pastors and staff can whip out their phones and start a live stream within seconds. They can share elements of their day.  Look in on other staff members and see what they’re working on.  Take spontaneous Q&A about a given subject.  They can also simply share a thought or what God’s been showing them.

Selfie mode is VERY compelling to viewers and followers.  It builds a level of “Know, Like and Trust” with the person streaming and the viewer.  

Indie Mode:

Perfect way to use the power of your phone but increase the visual and audio quality.  By adding a few accessories to your phone, you can have a more stabile shot, with less jitter.  You can use an external microphone and external lighting to get better quality.  You can even mount the phone on a tripod or gimbal.  

Working in Indie Mode allows you to bring a more professional look to your videos and streams without the “professional expense” that higher end cameras bring.



Desktop Mode:

Selfie and Indie Mode are for more “Life Stream” type moments.  Desktop Mode is for more formal, live event type streams – such as your Sunday service or a bible study

You’ll use a laptop or desktop computer, running video switching and streaming software add a much more professional look and feel to your live stream.

This also allows you to use multiple video sources like cameras and video feeds from other computers – like the computer running Pro Presenter.

It also allows you mix in lower thirds and other titles and visual elements in order to make your live stream look and sound more professional.

Broadcast Mode:

Broadcast Mode is very similar to Desktop Mode, except… with steroids. 

In Broadcast Mode, you’ll be using a hardware and software that are specifically designed to work together to give your live streams a much higher end “TV” like look and feel. 

Broadcast Mode also allows you to use much higher end cameras and other professional-level video and audio equipment.  With such, you’ll be able to produce some of the best looking live stream and recorded content. 


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