This Is The Best Free Audio Bible App of 2018

I am so excited to share this free audio Bible app that has changed my Bible reading habits entirely…

Imagine reading through the entire bible, in a year, as you are…  jogging, working out, running errands….


The Free Audio Bible App You’ve Been Looking For

I’ve been wanting for years to read the Bible straight through. In fact, I even bought a daily reading Bible that would help me go through the entire thing in 365 days.

And I have no idea why…but I just can’t do it. Sitting down to actually read is just becoming a harder thing to do.

Enter: Daily Audio Bible

free audio bible app daily audio bible app screenshot

Daily Audio Bible is an amazing website (and mobile app) that walks through the Bible for you.

My favorite things about this free audio Bible app:

  • You can listen to the Bible either as is (linearly) or you can listen to it in chronological order. (Did you know that the Bible isn’t put together chronologically?)
  • Every day they give a personal introduction from the host with a short recap of yesterday’s reading…it’s pretty much like a podcast, which I LOVE!
  • It is still a commitment of 30-45 minutes a day, but in one year you can “read” through the entire Bible.
  • You can injest the Word of God consciously or sub-counsciously by listening as you go about your day.  Brilliant! 



One of my heros, Greg Laurie, preaches that as culture moves on and things shift, our goal should be to exploit every platform and media-type as best we can.

We used to show lyrics on transparencies for the whole church to see. Now we’re using screens. And we’re moving towards things like the  Daily Audio Bible to deliver the Message by ear.

We learn so much by listening, why not the Gospel story too?

Have you tried this free audio Bible app? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Grace and Peace Brethren

    I would really like to have the App installed in my PC but i don’t know how because i do not see an “install” option. Please help with the step by step instructions. Please

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  3. Thanks for the tip…especially the daily readings
    Not too happy with other apps. Its great that you can listen & read at the same time..

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