Free Video Editing Software for MAC and PC

Editing software can be expensive.  Believe me, it’s gotten a lot better than it was 10-15 years ago.   I used to have to pay like $1200 for each version of the Adobe Master collection (all the apps).  Now I pay a small monthly rate for it, and keep all the software updated to the latest fixes and features.  Can’t beat it! 

When churches are first starting to add video production to their ministry tools, budget is always an issue.  

Cameras can be expensive.  Wireless mics and lighting can get expensive too.

All of that investment can be wasted if you don’t have good editing software that allows you to trim, cut and color your footage into a cohesive, tight, GREAT looking video.  And if you think you’re not gonna have things that need fixing…. you’re sorely mistaking.   After 25 years of shooting, editing and producing video content, I’ve always got something in my shoot that needs a little fix’n.

I’ve put together a little list of software (mostly free) that works on macs and pcs that offer great tools, great features and some, feel just as good as the higher end editors like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.


Grab some of the editors and see what works best for you!




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