3 Easy Ways To Get Started With Church Video Marketing

Churches will often spend hundreds of dollars on printing flyers, cards, and signs to spread the word about their services and events. But with church video marketing you can reach thousands of people in your area for just a few bucks.

In today’s show, Alejandro Reyes shares how your church can get started in church video marketing in just minutes a week. With this starting strategy, you’ll compel new visitors to your church even if they’ve never considered you before.


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About Our Guest: Alejandro Reyes

church video marketing with alejandro reyes

Digital marketer with 15+ years of proven leadership in the area of online strategy & digital marketing where I’ve focused on revenue growth, digital strategy & direct response marketing.

Alejandro is responsible for building the digital marketing strategy and growing the fastest growing tech company in the church space, taking them from 600 customers to over 7,000 in 2 years.

He has a huge passion to help the local church better leverage digital marketing to reach their city, engage their community and ultimately see people come to Jesus.

Alejandro also started the Church Marketing Summit, an online marketing conference designed to equip the church with the most advanced digital marketing strategies from the top church marketing experts.

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The Easiest #1 Way Get Started With Video Marketing

use facebook live to get started with church video marketing quickly and easily

“We have not because we ask not.”

Churches often sit around and hope that people will show up to church. In fact, many churches forget (or abandon) asking people to come to church.

So the best way to get started with church video marketing is to simply grab that device in your pocket and record a short, personal video of the Pastor inviting the viewer to church.

It doesn’t take much time, editing, or scripting. Just have the Pastor go live with Facebook on Thursday so it has a few days to make the rounds around town.

And you don’t have to rely on organic reach and hope people see it. Boost your church Facebook post to people in your town. You can get thousands of people to see your invite for just a few bucks.

Once you make that a habit, another easy win is to get your Pastor back in front of the camera on Monday for a sermon recap. Hype up how awesome Sunday was, the great things God was doing, and how people were impacted.

These 2 church video marketing strategies will get people outside of your church to start learning who you are and prepare to make a visit.



The Secret To Getting People To Pay Attention To Your Church

stand out with your church video marketing by focusing on what makes your church different

If you want people to view your church as different than all the rest, you need to focus on what you do best and unique.

Every church says they’re welcoming, disciple-making, and friendly. Everyone has heard all that before. And while it is true, it will get glanced over as more of the same.

The real way to hook someone and draw them into your church is to find a big idea that makes you stand out…even if it’s something really small to you. (Kinda like how teenagers don’t pick the most reliable or affordable car, the go with the car with some random feature they love)

Before you shoot your video, ask yourself, what’s the ONE THING you do that’s different? What makes your church stand out and capture attention? Then make that video.


Church Video Marketing on Instagram

instagram church video marketing

Instagram is highly populated by the “under 30” crowd. But that doesn’t mean your pastor and church can’t still have a presence on the platform.

One great example is Carey Nieuwhof. This man is walking the walk. And he shows his ministry life on Instagram, encouraging thousands every day.

So don’t dismiss the platform just because you don’t use it…learn it if you really want to reach those under 30.

Instagram Stories give you a unique way to share your day. Live your life and share your events, relationships, and your church culture.

Stories are a great way to build trust and start breaking down walls that people may have put up.

But your pastor doesn’t have to be the face of Instagram. You can use someone else that’s a familiar face at the church to run the platform. Find 1 to 2 charismatic and energetic people in your church to interact and lead the Instagram presence.


Church Video Marketing on YouTube

using youtube to get started with church video marketing

We’ve talked about a couple ways use YouTube to rebroadcast your sermon, so we wanted to get Alejandro’s take on how to be on YouTube beyond the sermon.

First, make sure you’re snipping your sermon into “searchable chunks.” Pick that ONE BIG IDEA and post that clip on YouTube with a title and description that’s searchable.

By that we mean, don’t title it “May 14 Sermon.” No one is searching like that.

Take clips out of your sermon and upload them to YouTube with a big idea title like “Does God Forgive Divorce” or “What Does The Bible Say About Racism.”

Beyond your sermon, show your church and team behind the scenes. Show how you’re preparing for events, for Sunday, and the stories happening around the church.

Peel back the layers of your church that will show people what you’re really about. Then you’ll have people eager to take part in your church life.



There are so many things you can do with video to spread the word about your church.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the options available to you. If you’re just getting started, stick with the big audiences of Facebook and Instagram.

Simply start with getting your Pastor in front of your phone camera and recording an invite to Sunday and boost it for a few bucks to get the invite out to people in your area.

And use video to peel back the layers of your church. Show that you’re real people on a real mission and you’ll break down walls that people have built to stay out of the church.

And if you really want a ninja tip for Facebook ads, watch/listen to the full interview. Alejandro delivers a huge trick at the very end.

Are you using video marketing for your church? Share an example of what you’re doing down below!

church marketing summit free ticket

By the way, do you want more tips like this to get started marketing your church? Check out the Church Marketing Summit.

The Church Marketing Summit is an online marketing conference designed to equip the church with the most advanced digital marketing strategies from the top church marketing experts.

And you can get your ticket for FREE. Sign up for the Church Marketing Summit today.

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