The Best Tool To Collect Photos From Your Ministry Team

As media creators, we have multiple people and multiple events to collect media for at various points. It can be overwhelming!

But imagine you could have a single place for your staff and volunteers to dump their photos PLUS an easy interface for your non-techy workers to help you edit and organize your images…

In today’s pro-tip, I’m going to show you my favorite tool to organize your photos in the cloud and collaborate with others to easily manage your photos.

Get Started With Google Photos For Your Church


Introducing Google Photos For Church Collaboration

google photos for church

Google Photos is free as a part of your Google Suite (free or paid). You can set up your devices to send the images you take to automatically send a copy to Google Photos. This means before an event, ask your workers to setup Google Photos on their phone, set the album to your church album, and then let everything else work automatically on its own.

Then after the event, you (or your team) can go inside the shared album to remove the bad photos and easily edit the photos you want to keep. You can do anything from touch up, filters, cropping, and more.


Why I Love Using Google Photos For Ministry

taking photos at church worship with google photos

  1. Collaborate with your team and manage all your event photos in one place.
  2. Setup auto-upload so team members don’t have to manually upload.
  3. Easily delegate photo curation and editing to even non-techy church volunteers (anyone can spot a bad photo and hit delete).
  4. Share your photos to your church social media right from Google Photos.
  5. Google’s Album abilities are impressive! It’ll auto-catalog by faces, location, and other tags that speed up your curation even more.



Building your volunteer team is a tremendous accomplishment, but it still adds a layer of complexity when it comes to collecting all your media from all your sources.

Google Photos helps your team organize all your media in one place, automatically. And it’s free!

Have you used Google Photos for your ministry? Let us know how you use it in the comments below!

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