MEVO by Livestream Android Beta and 4k Recording!

I’m here at NAB this week working with Livestream and they’ve just announced some GREAT improvements to the awesome MEVO streaming camera.  The more I play with this the more I’m loving it.  We’ve had one at our church since it came out, and now, the functionality is EVEN more awesome!   Here’s a few highlights from their announcement. 

  • Android app beta now available. – When it was first introduced, the MEVO was only available on later model iOS devices.  While that’s a great percentage of the population, we Android users were left in the cold.   A new beta of the MEVO Android app is now available.  They’re expecting full release in the app store late this summer.    My friends at MEVO are getting me in the beta so I’ll be testing and providing some how-to’s for you soon.
  • A beta release of the new iOS Mevo App (v1.5b1) – is available with some ROCKING new features.  They’re expecting a full release this summer.  You’re going to love how they’ve expanded this unit.
    • YouTube LIVE (beta) – you can now stream to YouTube LIVE.  This means that you’ll be able to use the platform that your audience is most on.  Now you can use Mevo to stream to Livestream, Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitter/Periscope.
    • 4k Recording –  If you don’t already know… the MEVO camera is a 4K camera.  They’ve been recording and streaming at 720p.  What that gives you is the ability to “zoom” to certain parts of the shot without distortion.  NOW you can record the full 4K 30fps 50Mbps on your Mevo SD card. Other bitrate options and 1080p resolution are also available.  (This just became an affordable, high quality 4k camera option for you.)
    • 1080 Streaming – up to this point you’ve been able to only stream at 720p.  NOW you can stream 1080.  It’s currently only available on the YouTube and Livestream platforms – Facebook doesn’t accept 1080 yet.
    • Advanced Facebook Live settings (beta) – Livestream is really kicking up the Facebook LIVE offerings.  They now support continuous streaming options, scheduled livestreams to Facebook pages, geographic location tags, adding friends via tags, and advanced video targeting – this brings a much more flexible and usable FB Live experience for you. 

I’ve loved the idea of the MEVO since it came out.  These updates alone greatly broaden the usability of this already incredible device.   If you’ve been on the fence about either using it to live stream your services or other areas of your ministry or if you’ve been thinking about adding this to your production / streaming arsenal, now is a GREAT time to get moving on it. 

As I mentioned earlier, I’m already working on a short training video on how you can start incorporating MEVO into your ministry. 

If you’re thinking about live streaming and aren’t quite sure where to start, be sure to grab your copy of Live Streaming for Churches – The Easy Way.  You’ll be surprised and just how quickly you can add live video streaming to your ministry.

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