Never Lose Your Physical Documents Again With This One Tool


As of September 2019, CamScanner has been vulnerable to a number of malicious attacks through their in-app advertising.

This will hopefully be completely resolved in the future, but after two incidents in the same year, we’re a little weary.

Maybe try checking out Adobe Scan in the meantime…




You’ve got physical documents, receipts, and manuals that you need to keep track of. And if you’re like us, taking care of your administrative tasks is down on your list under getting your teeth cleaned.

Then when you finally do get around to taking care of the task, you can’t find those stupid papers!

In today’s pro-tip we’re showing you a free app to scan and digitize your physical documents so you can free up your time and organize your ministry documents.

Heck, you can even make and share a book with it! Here’s how I did that


Introducing CamScanner for iPhone & Android

Whether you have receipts to turn in, manuals to store, you can’t escape certain administrative tasks…even in the media ministry.

camscanner scan and store your physical documents

CamScanner gives you a new way to scan your physical documents. Instead of relying on a scanner in one location, you can scan documents anywhere you are.

Simply open up the app, center your document in some light, and snap away. You can scan single docs or batch them together into one PDF.

Then you are free to share your document with others or store it away in your cloud.

CamScanner automatically detects your documents and fixes it’s perspective so it’s centered and easy to read. But if you ever find a document that isn’t edited down perfectly, you can manually set the height, width, and perspective to get it just right.

Another great time to have CamScanner in your arsenal is when traveling to conferences for your church. Instead of lugging around a bag of papers or a wallet stuffed with business cards, just scan away and travel lighter.


Why We Love Using CamScanner For Ministry

  1. Scan receipts to send to your church admin for reimbursement or filing.
  2. Digitize your equipment manuals without spending $100+ on a scanner and free up space in your media booth.
  3. Scan papers / pictures to make quick guides
  4. Scan hand written notes to share with team members
  5. Scan physical documents for your swipe file.
  6. Store business cards to free up wallet and drawer space.


The administration side of ministry can sometimes bog us down or stack up our to-do list. But now physical documents don’t have to slow you down.

Use CamSanner to digitize your physical documents for emailing or cloud storage. Free up your space, your time, and allow yourself to focus on person-to-person ministry instead.

Have you used CamScanner? What are you most excited to use it for?

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