Don’t Sound Like A Goober In Your Videos

If you’re doing any type of videos like announcements, talking heads, marketing, or promotions, you need a script. But it is difficult to memorize said script every week. So you need to have a way to read the script while you record.

In today’s pro-tip, I’m showing you the best teleprompter software you can use on your iDevice to get your own teleprompter set up on a budget.


Get Your Script In Front Of You

So you need your script in front of you while you record, but you can’t just tape the script underneath the camera…you’ll be looking down the whole time! You need it right in your eyeline. And you can accomplish this with a teleprompter.

a dslr camera pointing through a teleprompter mirror

A teleprompter is a mirror that sits in front of your camera to reflect a screen displaying your script. The mirror however sits at a 45-degree angle so the camera looks through it, but you can see the script on the screen.

We use the Caddie Buddy Teleprompter at our church (pictured above in the video). It’s professional-grade, sturdy, and easy to set up.

But if you need something more compact for a smaller budget, you can also use the Parrot Teleprompter for Smartphones.

And if you really want to go all out, the one I use in all my studio work is the ProPrompter Studio Kit. This puppy has lasted me 10 years and still keeps tickin.

There are a bunch of teleprompter software for your tablet or phone, but the one we love is Prompt Smart Pro.

side view of an ipad sitting on a teleprompter running the prompt smart pro software displaying words on the teleprompter

Why We Love The Prompt Smart Pro App for iOS

  1. One-time payment only. While it is an investment at $20 for the app, it is WELL worth it.
  2. Syncs with your cloud docs. No complex file transfers necessary.
  3. The app formats your script to be easy to read on the teleprompter.
  4. And our favorite, the app AUTO-SCROLLS as you speak. No timing or scrolling necessary.


To make your shooting process faster and more consistent, you need a script. But that’s just the start. It’s really tough to memorize a script and record your talent with confidence.

You need a teleprompter to get your videos done faster.

We recommend Prompt Smart Pro. At $20, it is an investment. But this app will pay for itself by saving you a ton of time and frustration by avoiding reshoots and hundreds of edit points. PLUS, it auto-scrolls while you talk. So you can get your video done in one take and have more time to optimize your video for online distribution.

What teleprompter software are you using? Let us know in the comments below!

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