The Easiest Way To Record Tutorials

Today’s pro-tip is a two-punch tool to record tutorials.

The truth is, you won’t be around forever. Great leaders document what they do so a volunteer or eventual replacement can keep the work going.

So you need a tool that makes it easy to record tutorials of what you do.

Not only that, you can use the same tool to record tutorials for your congregation. You can show your church how to join the Facebook group, how to use your Church Management System, or how to use a feature on your church website.

In today’s pro-tip, we’re sharing our favorite tool to record tutorials for your staff, volunteers, and congregation.


Introducing Loom

use loom to record tutorials for your church

Loom is a super simple plugin for Google Chrome to record your screen.

And it’s free to use.

Loom is perfect for recording tutorials to show how to do something on the computer.

Here are a few ways we’ve used it in the past:

  1. Record tutorials for software training. This is perfect for showing your media team how to use things like ProPresenter or Canva.
  2. Record how to upload and publish the church podcast.
  3. Show the congregation how to download their tax forms or use the Church Management Software.
  4. Quickly record a video instead of typing a 900-word email.
  5. Demo your church website and show people where all the info is (our good friend Jeanette Yates did this when she launched their new church website).


BONUS TIP: Most people browse the internet on their phones. So while you record websites, you may want to record the mobile-version of the site.

Inside Google Chrome, you can use the Device Toolbar to make your browser act like a mobile device.

Right-click the website, select Inspect.

Then choose the Device Toolbar in the bottom left.

google chrome device toolbar for recording tutorials

Now you can choose between several different types of devices from the top to demo.

google chrome lets you record tutorials as different devices


Why We Love Loom To Record Tutorials

  1. It’s free and easy to install in Google Chrome.
  2. You can record app only so you don’t have to show your full screen.
  3. If you have a webcam, you can put your talking head in the corner of the recording so it’s more personal.
  4. If you have multiple inputs for video and audio, you can easily switch between them (or turn audio off if needed).
  5. They host your video and they give you easy sharing links. You can also send the videos directly to YouTube.
  6. In their video site, viewers can add their own comments and questions in real-time with the video.



Whether for staff, volunteers, or your congregation, Loom gives you an easy way to record tutorials and show others how to do the things that you do.

Check out Loom here.

Are you recording tutorials for your church? What are you excited to use Loom for? Leave a comment below!

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