Should Your Church Live Stream? Is it Worth it?

We’re not sure if we should start live streaming our services.  We don’t know how many people will use it.  It may not be ‘worth it’…

I’ve heard this more times than I really can believe.  

Many small and medium sized churches, understandably, aren’t sure if putting ministry resources, money and staff or volunteers, in to an area of ministry will be ‘worth it’. 

From a business stand-point, I completely understand this.  Churches and ministries are businesses.  We may not like to think of them as such, but they are.  They have budgets, they have bills and overhead.  They have salaries to pay.  They have to spend time training people to minister in certain areas.  It all takes resources and to some degree, I understand thinking in terms of ROI – Return on Investment.

And this makes sense when you look at live streaming as a segment of your marketing budget and goals.  

However, it’s not simply marketing tool.  It IS a marketing tool for sure.  But it’s also a remote ministry tool.  

On this episode of CTA Live, we discuss the idea of “is it worth it” to live stream – and we turn that question on it’s side a little before answering it. 


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