Social Media for Churches with Heather Heuman


Is your church social enough?  

Is your church effectively using social media? 

Does your church even care?  Should you?? 


Being on social media is more than just checking a box and saying “We have a Facebook page”.

“Your [church’s] social media pages are actually the ‘front door’ of your church.  Maybe even before your website.”

Heather Heuman from, sat down with me to share some insights she’s learned in her years of helping Christian business owners, ministries, and churches succeed with Social Media.



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Why is Social Media, especially Facebook so important?


  • Nearly 2 Billion active users on Facebook.
  • 79% of American adult internet users are using Facebook.
  • 76% of Facebook users LOG IN DAILY. (Pew Research Center)
  • Facebook’s mobile app is the most popular app in the United States, followed by their Messenger app and Instagram, which they own as well.
  • People have created over 2.5 TRILLION posts on Facebook. (TechCrunch)
  • As of July 2016, there were over 2 BILLION searches PER DAY on Facebook. (TechCrunch)
  • Every 60 seconds, Facebook users generate 4 million likes. PLUS, 500 new users join Facebook, 100,000 new friend requests are sent, and 243,000 photos are uploaded. (SumoCoupon, now Dealhack)
  • Google and Facebook are the first places people go, when searching for a church.

What does this mean?   The Facebook community, the users, are an open ministry field.

  • Your church’s Facebook page should reflect the culture and heart of your church body.
  • Churches should adopt the mindset: “How can we put our best foot forward on Facebook” 

Visual Content on Facebook Wins:

  • Facebook gives more ‘feed time’ or ‘screen time’ to certain types of media and posts than others.
    • Video and photos are weighted MORE than links and text.  
    • MORE people will see your video or image, than a piece of text or a link.
  • Learn what Facebook “likes” and feed your page, more of that, as it pertains to your church and people.
  • Video that is natively shared (uploaded directly) on Facebook, gets more weight and sharing than linked (youtube) video
  • Live video, or video production doesn’t have to perfect, to be real and engaging. – ‘show up’ and grow over time


“Your church should ask itself, “Can we be found guilty of having an excellent church, when people only look at our Facebook page?”


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