How Podcasting DOES NOT Hurt Preaching

Did you know there are people who think podcasting is BAD for preaching? In today’s show we’re going to shoot so many holes in that statement it’ll look like sliced cheese. [powerpress] In This Video 1:48 – The article we’re debating… 3:20 – Setting the rules for a civil debate. 6:01 – Why the sermon […]

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can a church podcast

How To Build And Sustain The Best Podcast For Your Church

The future of church podcasting is…not podcasting. In today’s episode we’re sitting down with podcasting expert, Paul Colligan to discover what church podcasting is missing as well as what we need to stop. [powerpress] About Our Guest: Paul Colligan Paul Colligan helps others leverage technology to improve themselves and broaden their audience with reduced stress […]

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