picture of Justin in front of a sign that says go away

No Food, No Drink, No Belonging

In today’s pro-tip, we’re stepping away from tech to address a more common issue inside the church and telling you what no one else will tell you about No Food and Drink Signs in church. *Editors note* I really hammered down on the “we want to be good stewards” reason for these signs. But I […]

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Social Media For Church Needs A Facelift

We try so hard to use social media for church only to get no attendance boost on Sunday…so what’s wrong with social media? In today’s episode, Jonathan Malm stops by to enlighten us that it may not be the problem with social media, but how we use it. [powerpress]   About Our Guest: Jonathan Malm […]

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Church Media Volunteers: You Are Not Alone

What was your first church media project? A sermon recording? Creative skit? Video announcements? Running the soundboard? Improving your church website? Before you took the leap, did you have butterflies in your stomach? The nervousness of getting the timing right…the worry of messing up, or being late…the fear of judgment from those you wanted to […]

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