How To Easily Prepare Your Easter Church Graphics

In today’s show, I’m giving you the lowdown on how to prepare your Easter church graphics, NO MATTER your current situation, your budget, or your team size. Easter church graphics cannot get easier than this… In This Video 1:54 – The ULTIMATE checklist you need for Easter Preparation… 3:50 – Where to find Easter church […]

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easter q and a with dave and justin of church training academy

Easter Q&A with Dave & Justin

Facebook live notifications and promotion? Best film clips to use on stage? Are yard signs still effective? On today’s show, Dave and Justin take the hot seat and answer your Easter questions LIVE!   Why can’t we get notifications on our Facebook see who’s watching on Facebook Live? When you’re live on your page, you’ll […]

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How To Design The Best Easter Landing Page (With Template)

Most Americans are searching for churches around Easter than any other time. Which means your church website will see more traffic…and an Easter landing page will present your church in the best way possbile. In this episode, you’ll see how to create an Easter landing page for your potential guests, the sections that go into […]

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