This Is The Best Way To Get More People Watching Your YouTube Videos

Are you using YouTube for church or ministry? Sermons? Bible Studies? Events?

Imagine if after watching one of your videos, you could automatically guide the viewer to watch another video of yours – maybe the next one in your series, or a playlist of videos on the same topic…

That’s the magic of End Screens baby! You’ve GOT to check these out!


Using End Screens on YouTube For Church Videos

YouTube End Screens Help Viewers Find More of Your Videos

The End Screen is an option inside of your creator studio. This allows you to add thumbnails of your videos to the last 12 seconds.

Why is this important?

The ultimate metric on YouTube is time on the platform. This means “minutes viewed” on your videos isn’t the most important metric. What matters most is how long people spend on YouTube.

Basically, if your video gets people on YouTube for longer, then YouTube will serve your video to more people. (This is because the longer people spend on YouTube, the more money they make. The more you help them with that, the more important you are as a creator to them)

End Screens keep people on the platform, so adding them to your videos will increase your chances of keeping people on the channel. And as a bonus, you get to offer your videos for people to continue “binging.” 

This is a win-win. 

It takes a little shifting of your thinking tho because you want people watching your videos – that’s logical.   But the way to do that, is have YouTube showing your videos to more people (let them do the work). 

If you’re keeping viewers on the YouTube platform, then they’ll keep showing your stuf to more and more.

Makes sense right?

Leave a comment and let me know if you’re using End Screens yet and how!


How To Make End Screens On YouTube For Your Church

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