How To Use YouTube For Church: With Sean Cannell

Using YouTube for church creates a mission field as much as a media outlet. But churches aren’t using it to its full potential!

In today’s show we’re asking Sean Cannell (from Video Influencers and Think Media) how to better serve people where they are…online!

About Our Guest: Sean Cannell

Sean Cannell holding a camera

Sean Cannell is a YouTuber, international speaker, and coach that helps entrepreneurs build their influence and income with online video.

Sean’s YouTube channels have over 700,000 subscribers, his videos have been viewed over 43 million times and he has been featured in the “20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business” by Forbes.


In This Video

  • 0:00: We’re back!
  • 1:27: Are you using YouTube for your church?
  • 2:56: Reflecting on Video Marketing World (and how Justin almost broke Dave’s gimbal)…
  • 5:19: Who is Sean Cannell?
  • 6:53: The current state of churches on YouTube…
  • 10:24: How to engage more people on YouTube…
  • 13:09: Breaking down the big points…
  • 13:56: How to test the waters of YouTube for church ministry…
  • 15:45: How to maximize YouTube with best practices…
  • 22:18: The new mission field (with MILLIONS of people to reach for pennies)…
  • 26:07: What’s next for the Church Media Guys?


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Key Takeaway

The mission field is every changing…and the internet gives us infinite fields to find people to witness to. 

Using YouTube for church ministry is one of the best ways to reach people where they are active. Every minute someone is asking questions and looking for answers…and they’ll find it even if the church isn’t the one providing answers.

If you haven’t started planning content for your church’s YouTube channel, now is the time to plan on how you can speak to people through the platform.

Are you putting videos on YouTube for church ministry? Let us know in the comments below!

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