Do We Need Church Website Designers?

Is it necessary to hire church website designers if you think you can do it yourself? Is there any benefit to this? In today’s episode, we’re uncovering the benefits of church website designers, and how to decide whether you need one (and how much you should pay). [powerpress] About Our Guest: Adam Mclaughlin Born and […]

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Your Church Website’s Platform: What To Pick

Choosing a church website’s platform can be like choosing a dentist…it’s something you have to do but you’re just not sure which one will treat you right (and not rip you off). In today’s episode, we’re uncovering the only website platforms you should consider, PLUS what to do once you pick your platform to make […]

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What photos should I have on my church website

Church Website Photos You Need To Attract More Guests

Church website photos will make or break your website. The wrong photos can create distrust, while great photos can get a potential visitor planning their visit before they even realize it. In today’s episode, we’re sharing 5 church website photo rules for your church website. [powerpress]   Show Notes Pretty photos may look nice on your […]

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church website strategy time travel clock

Church Website Strategy I Wish I Knew Years Ago

Great church websites are defined by strategy, not design. This means that you need to have your church website strategy figured out before you build. Discover my top 2 church website strategies to convert web visitors to church visitors…   Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming, “what if?” What if I had saved more money? What […]

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How To Design The Best Easter Landing Page (With Template)

Most Americans are searching for churches around Easter than any other time. Which means your church website will see more traffic…and an Easter landing page will present your church in the best way possbile. In this episode, you’ll see how to create an Easter landing page for your potential guests, the sections that go into […]

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websites that have impact with brandon cox

How To Make A Church Website That Will Grow Your Church

Ask 1,000 people what the best church website design should look like, and you’ll get 1,000 different ideas. With hundreds of experts in our industry, it’s tough to filter out the fluff from what actually works to attract visitors and guests. Today we interview Brandon Cox, a pastor who has a proven track-record of success […]

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How To Make The Most Of Your Church Website Contact Forms

When was the last time someone actually used your church website contact forms? And how many times a year are they used?   There’s one surprisingly simple trick to get more people to contact you…       Why No One Uses Your Church Website Contact Forms Most churches use a single contact page as […]

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How To Use StoryBrand For Churches

Using the method of StoryBrand for churches can help you carry the Gospel to more people. But how can your church actually use a framework that was made for business?     About Our Guest: Jared Wellman     Jared joined the Tate Springs family in 2017. He married his wife Amanda in 2006 and […]

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