What photos should I have on my church website

Church Website Photos You Need To Attract More Guests

Church website photos will make or break your website. The wrong photos can create distrust, while great photos can get a potential visitor planning their visit before they even realize it. In today’s episode, we’re sharing 5 church website photo rules for your church website.   Show Notes Pretty photos may look nice on your church […]

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How To Design The Best Easter Landing Page (With Template)

Most Americans are searching for churches around Easter than any other time. Which means your church website will see more traffic…and an Easter landing page will present your church in the best way possbile. In this episode, you’ll see how to create an Easter landing page for your potential guests, the sections that go into […]

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Getting Started With Canva

Canva.com is one of the easist and most powerful web-based apps out there! Canva is a free / paid (freemium) app that makes designing beautiful graphics and artwork EASY.  Easy to Use – Almost Done For You It’s loaded with templates and designs that will either be perfect for what you need, or will be […]

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