The Best and Easiest Video Slideshow Maker

This is the best slideshow maker for 2020. Animoto is a perfect video slideshow maker that works on any platform. It has lots of pre-done templates that are VERY easy to use. You can mix photos and videos that you either upload yourself or from Google Drive, Dropbox etc. You can add your own music, […]

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What Is The Best Automatic Caption Generator For Your Live Stream?

Captioning your videos would make your sermons more accessible, but is there an automatic caption generator that would work for your live stream? In today’s pro-tip, we’re sharing our favorite FREE automatic caption generator…and yes, it will work with live streams. >>> Try Web Captioner For Yourself <<<   Introducing: Web Captioner When you’re live […]

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find all the best keywords

The Free Keyword Tool That Makes Research Easy

When you’re making content to spread your message online, you need to make sure you’re easily discovered. And to do that, you need use the right KEYWORDS to be easily found. In today’s pro-tip, we’re showing you a free keyword tool that will save you time and get more views. Download Keywords Everywhere   Introducing […]

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picture of Justin in front of a sign that says go away

No Food, No Drink, No Belonging

In today’s pro-tip, we’re stepping away from tech to address a more common issue inside the church and telling you what no one else will tell you about No Food and Drink Signs in church. *Editors note* I really hammered down on the “we want to be good stewards” reason for these signs. But I […]

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dave curlee pointing at screen with white text saying voice activated teleprompter on screen

Don’t Sound Like A Goober In Your Videos

If you’re doing any type of videos like announcements, talking heads, marketing, or promotions, you need a script. But it is difficult to memorize said script every week. So you need to have a way to read the script while you record. In today’s pro-tip, I’m showing you the best teleprompter software you can use […]

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The Easiest Way To Record Tutorials

Today’s pro-tip is a two-punch tool to record tutorials. The truth is, you won’t be around forever. Great leaders document what they do so a volunteer or eventual replacement can keep the work going. So you need a tool that makes it easy to record tutorials of what you do. Not only that, you can […]

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best inspirational resource for church social media images

The Best Place to Get Church Social Media Images

It’s important to post every day to your church social media but how do you crank out the content when you’ve got other priorities? Today we’re showing you the BEST place to get amazing church social media images to save you time and generate more engagement for your church. Check Out Sunday Social   Introducing […]

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IGTV For Churches: Is It Worth Our Time?

Instagram just released IGTV. But is there a use for IGTV for churches? In today’s pro-tip, we’re showing you how to navigate the new platform, upload your video, and a few strategic tips on what to post.   Introducing IGTV For Churches IGTV is Instagram’s new play against YouTube. Unlike Instagram, all IGTV videos are […]

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How To Overcome Blind Spots In Your Church Live Stream

Are you fully aware of all the issues in your church live stream? In today’s pro-tip, Justin’s sharing how you can catch your own blind spots and find out what’s wrong with your church live stream.   Can’t Watch? Read Below I don’t tune into the Food Network often, but when I do, I enjoy […]

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How To Fix Audio Sync Issues From Phone Video

As church media folks, we love it when we get “user-generated content” or, videos from other church members. But one problem you may face when you try to edit that footage is audio sync issues, rendering the footage unusable… …until now. In today’s pro-tip, I’m going to show you how to fix your audio sync […]

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