The Ultimate Church Live Stream Audit

You’ve got a church live stream running, but how do you check yourself to make sure it’s hitting all the right notes? In today’s episode, we’re giving you 7 checks to run your own church live stream audit.   In This Video, The Ultimate Church Live Stream Audit: 1:42 – What is a live stream audit? […]

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youtube for church

How To Use YouTube For Church: With Sean Cannell

Using YouTube for church creates a mission field as much as a media outlet. But churches aren’t using it to its full potential! In today’s show we’re asking Sean Cannell (from Video Influencers and Think Media) how to better serve people where they are…online! About Our Guest: Sean Cannell Sean Cannell is a YouTuber, international […]

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dave curlee pointing at screen with white text saying voice activated teleprompter on screen

Don’t Sound Like A Goober In Your Videos

If you’re doing any type of videos like announcements, talking heads, marketing, or promotions, you need a script. But it is difficult to memorize said script every week. So you need to have a way to read the script while you record. In today’s pro-tip, I’m showing you the best teleprompter software you can use […]

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should my church be on

Should My Church Be On ________?

With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and even Vero in the mix, we have a plethora of platforms to have a presence on. So should your church be on everything? Today we brought on social media consultant Dr. Marcus Cylar to share the benefits and cost of each platform so you can decide if […]

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How To Overcome Blind Spots In Your Church Live Stream

Are you fully aware of all the issues in your church live stream? In today’s pro-tip, Justin’s sharing how you can catch your own blind spots and find out what’s wrong with your church live stream.   Can’t Watch? Read Below I don’t tune into the Food Network often, but when I do, I enjoy […]

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3 Easy Ways To Get Started With Church Video Marketing

Churches will often spend hundreds of dollars on printing flyers, cards, and signs to spread the word about their services and events. But with church video marketing you can reach thousands of people in your area for just a few bucks. In today’s show, Alejandro Reyes shares how your church can get started in church […]

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How To Design The Best Easter Landing Page (With Template)

Most Americans are searching for churches around Easter than any other time. Which means your church website will see more traffic…and an Easter landing page will present your church in the best way possbile. In this episode, you’ll see how to create an Easter landing page for your potential guests, the sections that go into […]

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Church Announcements That Inspire Action

How would it feel if your church announcements actually inspired a response from the congregation? And what does it take? In today’s show Dave and Justin interview Adam Mclaughlin to discover if video announcements are really better than live, how to get and keep people’s attention, and how to make signing up for events a whole […]

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Free Video Editing Software for MAC and PC

Editing software can be expensive.  Believe me, it’s gotten a lot better than it was 10-15 years ago.   I used to have to pay like $1200 for each version of the Adobe Master collection (all the apps).  Now I pay a small monthly rate for it, and keep all the software updated to the […]

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